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Analysis and redesign of the electric driven clamping mechanism of Stork Injection Moulding Machines

Schuurman, M. (2015) Analysis and redesign of the electric driven clamping mechanism of Stork Injection Moulding Machines.

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Abstract:The company Stork IMM is located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. The company builds plastic injection moulding machines. About 100 machines are built annually. Several standard design machines are available with clamping forces ranging from 1500 to 20.000 kN clamping force. Customers can choose from several options to the standard design or can request “customer wishes” which are engineered specifically for the customer. The engineering department consists of 15 men some with over 25 years of experience at the company and some young people with fresh ideas. There is a lot of pride in the machines that are built. The assignment The injection moulding machines have a clamping mechanism that hold the two halves of the moulds together when the mould is being filled. Most clamps are driven by a large hydraulic cylinder. Since 10 years an optional electric driven clamp can be chosen by the customer. The electric drive can regenerate electricity when braking, making it much more energy efficient. However, it is much more expensive than the simple hydraulic driven clamp. This electric option was designed by simply taking of the hydraulic cylinder and replacing it with a rack and pinion drive and gearbox. The first step in the assignment was to analyse the process and the current clamp system and also to look at the solutions from competitors. The second step was to look at improvements that could be done to the current system to make it more efficient and less costly and to look at completely different concepts for actuating the clamp. The internship The first week of the internship was spent in the assembly hall helping to build the machines to get to know the machines and the people that build the machines. Thereafter the rest of the internship was spent at the engineering department. There was a lot of freedom in implementing my own methods and ideas, and enough guidance where needed. My work was taken serious and valued by the colleagues. There was a nice working atmosphere.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Stork IMM, The Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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