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Broken collarbone, new design for proper alignment

Tibbe, A. (2011) Broken collarbone, new design for proper alignment.

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Abstract:In this report a new design solution for properly aligning a fractured clavicle is realized. The objective of the assignment was; ‘To design a solution for properly aligning a fractured clavicle.’ Due to current methods of repairing a fractured clavicle people suffer from problems later on in life. The fractured clavicle leaves a bump because the two bone parts are not aligned properly. To verify that this causes problems later on, this has been researched in this Bachelor Assignment. The first part is the theoretical research part. The collarbone has been evaluated in general and there was research on the current methods of repairing. The steps of action taken after breaking one have also been looked at. To confirm that there is a problem there has been talked to experts like physiotherapists and traumatology surgeons, about their experiences. It became clear that there is no direct need for an internal solution for a fractured clavicle. This conclusion has resulted in designing external solutions in the second part of the assignment. The second part describes the design process, aiming at designing a product that properly tries to align a broken collarbone externally. To support the communication with users and experts, two designs were tested with a prototype. The conclusion of the report is that the most feasible option to better align a fractured clavicle externally is to pull the injured shoulder backwards. It turns out not to be possible to align a fractured clavicle from the outside, but some progress can be achieved by improving the position of the shoulder.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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