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Duurzame keukens : ontwerpen van richtlijnen

Wit, M. de (2011) Duurzame keukens : ontwerpen van richtlijnen.

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Abstract:During this bachelor assignment Eginstill was the principal. This company is established by Frans Pahlplatz and is specialized in designing original, stylish and high quality interior. Eginstill designs for the higher and more expensive segment of kitchens. Because of this, the designs are adjusted to the wishes of the costumer and the kitchens are placed with attention to detail and precision. Eginstill works together with Frank & Frens. They are also involved in the different phases during the process the product goes through. In the future Frank & Frens will become shareholder of Eginstill. Even though the project is executed for Eginstill, during the assignment Frank & Frens are responsible for the guidance. Eginstill is already focussed on designing sustainable kitchens. In the future Eginstill his intention is to be as sustainable as possible and 100% recyclable. Besides that Eginstill wants to offer maximum comfort and adjust the kitchen to the style of the costumer. Applying a stone table top is possible, even though this application is not sustainable. The aim of the assignment was to deliver new insights and a source of inspiration which Eginstill can use in the future to design and produce sustainable kitchens. Guidelines have been set up as a result of the assignment. These guidelines are focussed on the sustainable look and the sustainable use of the kitchen, in which the quality of the kitchens is also shown. The design guidelines will help Eginstill to develop a greener and more sustainable image. The delivered contribution is supported by a life cycle analysis (LCA) and by the results that came forward out of a survey. During the LCA there is looked at the different phases a kitchen goes through before, during and after use. During the survey the focus was on the opinion of respondents, about the look and use of sustainable kitchens. Out of the results conclusions could be made which Eginstill can use to support his ideas. The results are developed in such a way so it can be used when designing a new kitchen.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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