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Het ontwerpen van een smartphone app van een elektronisch patiënten dossier systeem

Keizer, T.J.A. (2017) Het ontwerpen van een smartphone app van een elektronisch patiënten dossier systeem.

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Abstract:Intro: USER Alta is an electronic patient record software, used by care workers in the mental healthcare sector. It manages patient’s data, like intakes, appointments, diagnosis, communication, personal information, medication, surveys, treatments and more. USER is currently only available on desktop computers, laptops or large tablets, therefor Impulse Info Systems decided to create an assignment to design a smartphone app of the existing USER software. This app should include functionality from USER which the target group needs to have available on their smartphones. The following report consists of three parts. First, research was done to determine software functionality that needed to be available on smartphones. Subsequently, a research about how this functionality can be brought to smartphones. And finally, a design phase where an interactive prototype of the app is designed with the previous research in mind. Functionality Research: To research which modules from the existing software systems have to be available on smartphones, a research has to be done. Firstly the target group was determined. Then USER was analysed by following a training and testing every module in the system. Subsequently, a preliminary list of suitable modules was made, these prequalification modules were surveyed by over 100 respondents from two companies. The survey was used to get a better impression of the target group and to determine which modules should be available in the smartphone app. These results were verified using usage data of every module in USER. A feature description for the smartphone app was made, based on the modules the results from the survey. Smartphone Design Research: Parallel to the functionality research, a research was done on how to properly design USER for smartphones. Including how data can be made available on smartphones: through a native, web or hybrid app. A decision was made to make a hybrid app and the possibilities for developing a hybrid app were researched. Furthermore, research was done about ergonomics on smartphones. Resulting in, for example, a proper placement of buttons on different screen sizes. Also, multiple aspects that are important for designing a smartphone app are documented. The interfaces and interaction with apps on different operating systems are compared. At last the visual identity, structure and philosophy behind USER are analysed. Much of this information is combined in the list of requirements. With the information about the functionality in the app and how the app should be made, the interactive prototype could be designed. Interactive Prototype Design: The results of the previous research were used to design an interactive prototype. First the list of requirements, feature description and workflow were created to be able to design the USER smartphone app efficiently. The workflow enabled to design many smartphone screens in a short period of time. The prototype was tested by colleagues who gave feedback during the design process. With a semifinal version of the prototype, a user test was done with people that never used USER before. The points for improvement were incorporated in the final interactive prototype. The feature description and interactive prototype were created such that they could be used for the development of a functional app.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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