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Herontwerp GUC1214 : design for assembly plasmamade air filter

Klaver, J. (2017) Herontwerp GUC1214 : design for assembly plasmamade air filter.

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Abstract:This report describes the redesign of the GUC1214 air filter by PlasmaMade. PlasmaMade’s current air filter sells well, which causes the production numbers to rise. With this increase of production, the assembly process gets more and more important. The current product and the way it is assembled are analysed through dependency of parts and interfaces, lists of issues and design for assembly models by Stienstra and Variass. Furthermore, partly retroactively, requirements are set for the redesign of the air filter. These steps revealed several larger opportunities to improve the assembly process, among which the use of silicone sealant to connect several parts. However, it also revealed an accumulation of smaller opportunities, hence it is important to take these smaller opportunities into account. Thereafter, ten design for assembly principles by Stienstra are at the centre when looking into different possible solutions. Minimalizing the number of parts is the fundamental principle used. This led to combining several parts in the housing and the electronics. Further to combining these parts different approaches to connect the parts more efficiently are considered. This quest is focussed on the assembly and airtightness of the connections. Following, the preceding design choiches are elaborated to come to a detailed conclusion. The possibilities for new functions, which design changes can be implemented into the current situation are considered. Finally, it is discussed which parts of the redesign should need extra elaboration and why.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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