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Drop-out onder patiënten met persoonlijkheidsstoornissen ; Voorspellers uit de voorgeschiedenis

Kamerling, R.J. (2017) Drop-out onder patiënten met persoonlijkheidsstoornissen ; Voorspellers uit de voorgeschiedenis.

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Abstract:Background: Research regarding dropout from psychological treatment has taken a turn towards predictors of said dropout. The current study focuses on demographic characteristics, treatment history and childhood abuse and neglect as possible predictors of dropout. So far research towards dropout predictors has taken place within outpatient settings. The current study aims to gain knowledge about predictors within an inpatient setting. Research regarding dropout predictors could help indicate which patients might be more prone to dropout. With this knowledge multiple consequences of dropout could be prevented. The following research question was stated: “Which aspects of a patients history contain predictive validity for dropout within an inpatient setting among patients with a personality disorder?” Method: To answer the research question correlation and logistic regression analyses were performed. These where used to conclude whether researched aspects contained any predictive value towards dropout or the moment of dropout. Results: The number of treatments followed before participation to a treatment within the current setting was related to the moment of dropout. Patients that had followed fewer previous treatments tended to be early dropouts (less than 3,56 months). Other aspects didn’t show any correlation with dropout and none of the factors studied contained predictive value for dropout. Discussion: Based on the current study no predictors of dropout were found. Future studies should aim to research a wider area of possible predictors. The number of previous treatments did show a correlation with the moment op dropout. Patients with fewer treatments tended to dropout earlier. A clinical implication could be to better prepare patients for what’s expected of them during inpatient treatment.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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