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Designing and prototyping a small scale steam driven jet pump

Bramer, K.J.J. (2017) Designing and prototyping a small scale steam driven jet pump.

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Abstract:Philips’ Technical Expert Group located in Drachten, The Netherlands, is the technical support for the whole Philips company. One of the top selling products is the Philips Garment steamer with separate boiler unit. While this apparatus consumes steam for ironing clothing, a boiler is present to deliver the needed steam. When the boiler is empty it needs an automatic refill of water in order to provide a constant and reliable steam production. Currently this refill of water is provided by an electric solenoid pump. Because of customer experience an alternative is desired to replace the existing solenoid pump. A good alternative might be a steam driven jet pump. However, large scale steam driven jet pumps steam driven jet pumps are already used in nuclear power plants, the working of this type of pump on the small scale is very poorly researched. By the use of a pre-developed Matlab model, it is tried to make a functioning prototype of a small scale steam driven jet pump. The most important goal of this research is to gain insight in the design parameters and determine the relevance of those parameters. From the theory it is known that the pump will only work with just the right geometry. This difficulty is also experienced when building a prototype and it takes a lot of experience to tune the important parameters. The pump will be divided in different parts in order to gain insight in the working principle of each separate part of the pump. There are several models made for testing the final design but the presence of shock waves inside the pump creates problems for the proper functioning of the pump as well as for the assumptions made in the calculations.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Koninklijke Phillips, Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:steam driven jet pump, steam ejector pump, two phase nozzle, Laval nozzle, converging diverging nozzle steam mixing
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