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The effect of membrane topology features on ion transport phenomena

Schellevis, H.M. (2017) The effect of membrane topology features on ion transport phenomena.

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Abstract:The formation of electroconvective vortices enhances ion transport through ion-exchange membrane to the overlimiting current region. A tangential electric field acting on an excess of charge initiates electroconvection. The introduction of heterogeneities on the membrane surface ensure such electric field. Previous work have shown an increase in ion transport properties with the introduction of extrusions on the surface of the membrane. This research provides an experimental and numerical investigation to extend our knowledge on the effect of membrane topology features. Electrical characterization of the system is combined with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy to quantify local ion concentration profiles. It is found that the implementation of structures on the membrane surface seems to enhance ion transport. Local ion concentration is quantified and shows a linear concentration profile perpendicular to the membrane, flattening out near the membrane, indication the formation of microvortices adjacent to the membrane surface.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics, 35 chemistry, 58 process technology
Programme:Chemical Engineering MSc (60437)
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