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Leonardo's vliegmachine : de realisatie voor een vliegmachine voor kinderen

Brink, L. van den (2017) Leonardo's vliegmachine : de realisatie voor een vliegmachine voor kinderen.

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Abstract:Museum TwentseWelle and Rijksmuseum Twenthe, are working towards a new exhibition which is called Leonardo, or the dream of flying. They are looking for a way to make children fly through the museum. Both museums want to connect, young and old, high and low educated people, and professionals and amateurs. Design a machine, which can make the visitors of Museum TwentseWelle feel like they can really fly, is the main purpose of this bachelor assignment. The goal is to start with a collection of concepts and ideas, and subsequently choose the best concept for elaboration. The focus group and market exploration is the base for a temporary program of requirements, which helps to form the first eight concepts. The first eight concepts are also formed out of the difference between flying and floating. Thereafter, three concepts were chosen and elaborated on. The final concept, the Fietshelikopter, is separated into two components, the Fietshelikopter itself and the hanging system. With use of calculations, simulations, 3D models and prototypes, the Fietshelikoter will be optimized for museum use. The frame has been analysed by a von mises stress analysis in the 3d model in Siemens NX, The propeller has been chosen by making a prototype with aluminium whires and wax paper. The complete model of the helicopter, has been made in the program Siemens NX. The design and detailing of the product has come to the point that, it can be build, after permission of the museum. Quotations for the needed parts are requested and only need to be submitted. On the other hand, the hanging system is elaborated with the main focus on safety and the simulation of flying. Because of the contradictions in wishes and requirements from the museum and university, building and detailing the system was impossible in the given time and budget. The final result of this bachelor assignment is the Fietshelikopter worked out in detail, and the recommendation for the hanging system. The design was received in the museum with a lot of enthusiasm, but the lack of a budget and time, there will be no further product development. There will be information about what steps have to be made, in order to realize the hanging system and realisation of the product.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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