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Verslaafde ouders, veerkrachtige kinderen : Interventies voor kinderen van verslaafde ouders, een literatuurreview en pilotstudie

Spanjer, M.B. (2017) Verslaafde ouders, veerkrachtige kinderen : Interventies voor kinderen van verslaafde ouders, een literatuurreview en pilotstudie.

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Abstract:Introduction: Children of addicted parents have an increased risk on developmental problems, psychological- and addiction problems. Despite the risk factors, there are children who don’t develop problems. They have sufficient resilience. Resilience is a process of functional adaptation, despite negative life circumstances. The intervention Talk ‘n Joy has as purpose promoting resilience in children of addicted parents, by teaching psycho-education, coping skills and self-worth. The purpose of this study is collecting sufficient theoretically substantiation for the intervention Talk ‘n Joy. Second, an evaluation research was conducted to the results of the Talk ‘n Joy vacation week. Method: By means of different constructs 551 articles were collected. These were limited through inclusion and exclusion criteria into seven effect studies. The evaluation research was a qualitative research, within-subjects. Results from self-report questionnaires (about resilience and quality of life) from the pre- and post test were individually compared through graphs. Results: The literature selection was classified in three groups: group interventions with and without individual contact and individual interventions. The most common behavioral change techniques (BCTs) that are applied in effective interventions were psycho-education, coping and social skills. Outcome measures which were affected indirectly in interventions (such as psychological complaints) were barely effective. The evaluation research showed for half of the participants a stable or minimal increase of resilience, the other half showed a decrease. The results on the outcome measure quality of live remained stable or decreased. Discussion: The effectiveness of the interventions on knowledge and skills and the promising results (half) a year after the intervention substantiate the usefulness of interventions for children of addicted parents. Based on the interventions in the literature selection and the current definition of resilience, all effective interventions seem to promote resilience. The outcome measures which were affected indirectly are usually difficult to change in interventions. This is consistent with the findings regarding resilience in the intervention Talk ‘n Joy. The results regarding the outcome measure quality of life can be explained in different ways. The limitations of this research must be taken into account. Some BCTs that are applied in effective interventions appear to be part of Talk ‘n Joy, suggesting that this intervention is likely to be effective in promoting them as well.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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