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The European refugee crisis: Burden sharing in the United Kingdom and in Germany

Rodrigues Peixoto, S. (2017) The European refugee crisis: Burden sharing in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

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Abstract:In 2015 the European Union (EU) was confronted by the biggest inflow of refugees since World War II. This event triggered an intense debate on a European level. The main point for political discourse was in particular the uneven distribution of refugees among Member States (MSs). This disproportionate share of the costs and burdens reopened the discussion on burden sharing measures. Such measures have been considered by scholars and some MSs as an effective measure to deal with the refugee crisis. Therefore, this paper will analyze in what ways the parliamentary debates on burden sharing have developed in the light of the refugee crisis in Germany and in the United Kingdom in 2015. For this purpose, a qualitative content analysis will be conducted in order to reconstruct the parliamentary debates on this topic during the refugee crisis. All legislative speeches on this matter which have been made in 2015 will be analysed based on a coding scheme. At first, this thesis will reveal the government’s perspective on burden sharing measures. Since national interests and concerns vary widely from country to country, this part will not only uncover the perceptions and opinions regarding burden sharing measures, but it will also provide explanations of their point of view. Furthermore, this thesis provides a broad picture on the government’s perspective on burden sharing by revealing insights about how burden sharing in the light of the refugee crisis should be acquired. This thesis will demonstrate that finding a compromise on reactive measures is as expected, rather complicated. However, this thesis will show that a consensus on securing European borders and proactive measures as a way to share the burden caused by the refugee crisis can be found. These findings can be considered as a good starting point in finding a compromise on how to deal with refugees on a European level.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration, 89 political science
Programme:Management Society and Technology BSc (56654)
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