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Geanticipeerde consequenties van technologieën op het Welbevinden : een kwalitatieve analyse van verbeeldingen van een florerende toekomst

Franz, Sophie (2017) Geanticipeerde consequenties van technologieën op het Welbevinden : een kwalitatieve analyse van verbeeldingen van een florerende toekomst.

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Abstract:Background and purpose. New technologies make up an increasing part of our lives. In this study, the connection between these technologies and flourishing (optimal well-being) is investigated through narrative futuring. Seligman (2012) mentions the five components ‘positive emotion’, ‘accomplishments’, ‘relationships’, ‘meaning’ and ‘engagement’ to measure well-being. Based on the literature, it was assumed that direct consequences of technologies such as ‘loss of labor’ and ‘having more time’ have become an intermediate variable between technologies and flourishing. Methods. The participants were friends, acquaintances or relatives of the researchers and were approached by convenience sampling. Eventually six participants attended the workshop. These had to write letters about flourishing in the future. During the workshop a second letter was written from a flourishing technological advanced future. This followed a focus group discussion on the letters. The transcript of the focus group discussion and the letters were analyzed qualitatively based on a coding scheme which was created by open, axial and selective coding and contains the main codes ‘well-being’, ‘types of technology’, ‘consequences of technology’ and ‘other’. Results. It was found that different types of technologies were mentioned by the participants. Furthermore, no well-being-related consequences of technologies were found. The anticipated indirect consequences were both positive and negative. In addition, all aspects of flourishing according to Seligman (2012) have been discussed. The aspect ‘health’ appeared to be an additional aspect of well-being. The analyzes revealed that the consequences ‘make life easy’, ‘save time’, ‘generate ideas’, ‘cheap prize’ and ‘transport’ promote ‘positive emotion’, ‘accomplishments’, ‘relationships’ and ‘health’. Furthermore it was found that the consequences ‘less communication’, ‘not replace humans’ and ‘problems with technology’ reduce the components ‘positive emotion’ and ‘relationships’ of well-being. Conclusion and discussion. Through this study, it was found that technologies are indirectly related to well-being. Further research is needed to better understand the links between technologies and well-being. In this regard, explicit attention must be given to the aspects of flourishing and consequences to ensure clearer outcomes. Furthermore, the impacts of technologies on well-being would be quantitatively investigated to develop technologies so that more people flourish.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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