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Feasibility of the intervention "Compassion as key to happiness, beyond stress and self-criticism"

Keil, M. (2017) Feasibility of the intervention "Compassion as key to happiness, beyond stress and self-criticism".

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Abstract:The current study is the first one to explore the feasibility of a self-help compassion focused therapy (CFT) intervention based on a large, recent randomized controlled trial. The intervention, “compassion as key to happiness, beyond stress and self-criticism”, consisted of the eponymous book in combination with email guidance. The focus of the present research is ‘acceptability’, an aspect of feasibility that addresses individuals’ perceptions of a given intervention. Data from the intervention group of the RCT was used, analysing the perceptions of 107 participants regarding overall satisfaction with the intervention, perceived changes through the intervention, facilitators and barriers to completion of the intervention and suggestions for future applications of the intervention. Results suggest that the intervention was generally perceived very positively. Especially the email guidance served as extra motivation for the completion of the intervention. However, some participants felt time pressure, as they were not able to try out all material present within the intervention. Other participants felt that they needed extra (digital) support, particularly for doing meditation exercises. In sum, for female, mostly high-educated and non-clinical participants, the intervention constituted an acceptable intervention for increasing compassion. In future research, it should be examined if similar acceptability is achieved in different populations, such as populations prone to psychological problems like the ones characterized by a low socio-economic status. Furthermore, options for a fully digitalized version of the intervention should be analysed in terms of feasibility as well. .
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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