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The potential of classroom technology, a system supporting personal and group feedback in mathematics education

Wevers, T.M.J. (2017) The potential of classroom technology, a system supporting personal and group feedback in mathematics education.

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Abstract:In this report the development of a product to assist teachers and students in the mathematics lessons of Dutch high schools will be described. The project aims to answer the following research question: What product using existing technologies supports students in their process of learning mathematics in high schools in the Netherlands? The process of the designing of this product follows the Creative Technology design process. The three main points to take into account when designing this product were that the product should have an added value to the lesson, it should not take up time within or outside the lesson, and it should be geared towards the world and experiences of the students. With the system that was designed the teacher can gain more insight in the way students work out their mathematical problems and is able to give individual as well as class wide feedback. The end product of this project was a system that consists of three parts: an iPad application for the students, an iPad application for the teachers and a connection to the digital blackboard. The teacher can, with his or her application, send in a request to see a solution to a certain exercise of the students. This brings a notification to the application of the students, which they respond to by sending a picture of their solution. The teacher then gets an overview of all the individual solutions of the class, which can be utilized in any way the teacher pleases. He or she can give class wide feedback using the connection to the digital blackboard by choosing several solutions to present to the class. It was not possible to realize the entire system within the time frame of this project. Therefore it was chosen to focus the realization on the connecting part of the system: the application for the teachers. This application was tested using a Wizard of Oz evaluation. From this evaluation it became clear that the system that was designed, was very desirable and useful for the teachers and they were interested in using such a system more often. This depends, however, on the system being fully realized. This would fulfill all the requirements for the teachers.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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