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Transport Phenomena in Monolayer Graphene Membranes

Jorissen, Koen F.A. (2017) Transport Phenomena in Monolayer Graphene Membranes.

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Abstract:Graphene ion exchange membranes were characterized using permselectivity, permporometry and membrane permeability analysis. Donnan and diffusion based transport was analyzed for KCl, LiCl, K 2 SO 4 and CaCl 2 . Concentration-potential were found for KCl, LiCl and K 2 SO 4 . The data is qualitatively discussed using Debye-Huckel theory. Physical properties of the membrane were characterized fitting this data to Teorell-Meyer-Sievers theory. An attempt to determine pore size and distribution was made, though results were inconclusive. Membrane permeance of water was found negligible for pressures up to 4 bar. TMS theory was found somewhat applicable to the graphene membrane. Ways of improving fitting and further areas of interest are suggested.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:35 chemistry
Programme:Chemical Engineering BSc (56960)
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