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De Product Impact Tool toegepast in Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren

Marcus, R.W.R. (2017) De Product Impact Tool toegepast in Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren.

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Abstract:This is a report on the Product Impact Tool being placed in a framework for Responsible Innovation, for which a workshop has been developed. The Product Impact Tool is a method developed from several theories in Philosophy of Technology and is concerned with impacts of technology on humans and society. The tool exists of a model and an accompanying workshop session. Responsible Innovation is concerned with improving innovations and the innovation processes for societal desirability. The workshop that is developed in this assignment is meant for start-ups that innovate in sustainable agriculture. The assignment can be divided in a part of theoretical research and one of practical research and workshop development. The theoretical research consists of an exploration of the Product Impact Tool and the theory of Responsible Innovation. Based on this examination both the theories are connected. The connection can be brought into practice using guiding questions while discussing the effects of the Product Impact Tool, pointing the discussion towards Responsible Innovation. During the theoretical research three practice workshops were organized. These workshops served as reference points for the workshop development. The practice workshops did not include any outcomes of the theoretical connection, but were organized for start-ups in sustainable agriculture. The workshops were interesting, providing many points of improvement. Using the theoretical connection and the reference workshops the practical research was conducted. A workshop was developed and tested during four sessions with different participants. Every workshop was evaluated and the workshop design was improved for the next one. Several problems did come op. For instance the connection between both theories cannot be too implicit, since this will decrease the attention for some parts of the workshop. A lot of attention was focused at the framing of the workshop, making sure that the participants understand the aim and methods of the workshop. The final result of this assignment is a workshop which aims at finding new insights, perspectives or ethical or societal problems, and possible solutions. The workshop facilitates this goal by analyzing the innovation of the participant using the Product Impact Tool, emphasizing responsibility. Next the issues found are investigated further and possible solutions are explored within a framework of Responsible Innovation. The theoretical connection is represented in the workshop through guiding questions during the Product Impact Tool and a focus on improving responsibility while exploring solutions to the problems found. The workshop proves that the connection between the Product Impact Tool and Responsible Innovation works well and can lead to valuable results. The workshop can be developed further, emphasizing either side of this connection.
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Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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