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DataVis Helper: A Tool for Exploring The Design Space of Data Visualization

Primera, R.C.M. (2017) DataVis Helper: A Tool for Exploring The Design Space of Data Visualization.

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Abstract:This graduation project is about developing a tool that will encourage and support users in exploring the design space of data visualisation. Existing systems that help users in choosing the right type of visualisation have been analysed. The main problems encountered were that they are barely data-centred, the focus is on how the looks of the result and not what the data can visualise. Moreover, users are given a variety of options on how to visualise their data, but these tools do not guide users through the process. The idea is to develop a web tool that applies the principles of visual encoding. The design process for creative technology was used. Through several iterations, brain storm sessions and feedback sessions all the requirements and analyses for this research project were determined. A visualisation analysis has been performed. This analysis consisted of determining which principles of visual encoding fit each visualisation type. A final design of the web tool was created and this was tested with two groups, with experts such as data visualisation designers and universal participants such as students with little to no experience with data visualisation. The outcome was that such a tool help users to be aware of the abundance of visualisation types that exist since most participants were surprised by the number of suggestions of visualisations given. It has also been proven that by sketching users might understand their data better and that they can create new visualisation types that did not exist before. Therefore, the tests conclude that the tool did support and encourage users in exploring the design space of data visualisation. Further work is needed to improve the universal aspect of the tool. The tool is currently not applicable for complete novice users, they will be able to use it but will take a bit longer to grasp everything. Users with experience with data visualisation will have little to no problem with figuring out the ins and outs the web tool.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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