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FAScinating Research : a qualitative interview study focusing the situation of foster parents raising children with FASD

Kösters, Hanna (2017) FAScinating Research : a qualitative interview study focusing the situation of foster parents raising children with FASD.

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Abstract:Under the term fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder (FASD) several forms of mental disabilities are summarized, characterized by cognitive and behavioural difficulties due to an intoxication with alcohol during pregnancy. A major part of these children lives with foster parents or were occupied by child and youth welfare centres. The behavioural and cognitive deficits contribute to problems in raising and parenting these children and adolescents appropriately. Goal: Aim of this study is to investigate which strategies foster parents use to bring up these children (1), which sources of help and support they use (2) and what appropriate support should be like from their perspectives (3). Method: For the present study, an explorative interview design is used. Eight foster mothers of children and adolescents with FASD were reached through snowball and convenience sampling and questioned with the help of a semi-structured interview. Transcriptions were analyzed with the help of Atlas.ti. Codes, categories and subcategories were formed following a standardized scheme. Although the total score of the interrater reliability was under the acceptable range, scores for important parts of the results were acceptable. Results:(1) As important strategy, participants emphasized the importance of structural elements in parenting to ease daily life. Additionally, the adaption and reformation of the own parental attitude and environment to the difficult circumstances were strategies mentioned. (2) Institutional forms of help were used, under which youth welfare services, external forms of care and special schools. There are forms of private support described by the participants, like family and friends taking care of their children. Forms of therapy were mentioned as support possibilities for the interviewees. (3) There is a high need of more knowledge about FASD in public and the society in the view of the interviewed foster parents. They wish for FASD as being a part of medical and social education, contributing to greater knowledge and understanding, resulting in the creation of more forms of support by public and professional institutions. The interviewed foster mothers described wishes for building up perspectives for themselves and their disabled children.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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