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Towards effective exchange of information in the open and restricted tender procedures in the Dutch construction sector

Meijlof, Steven (2017) Towards effective exchange of information in the open and restricted tender procedures in the Dutch construction sector.

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Abstract:Purpose-Research shows that the exchange of information in tenders is ineffective. It is (digitally) question-answer based and the wayof communicating is juridical cramped, stiff and reluctant. Scopes remain unclear with unsuitable submissions as a result.The aim of this research is to improve the exchange between the contracting authority and the bidders during tenders by shifting from undesirable behaviour to desired behaviour. This will be done by providing substantiated ways to implement effective exchange in the current way of working. Design/methodology/approach- this research presents recommendations for the improvement of exchanges during tenders. The recommendations are based on a combination of theoery-oriented and practice-oriented research. For the practice-oriented research interviews are taken and case studies are done. Findings - The results show ineffective exchange forms a problem. This ineffective exchange has its origin in the adversarial culture in the construction sector. Research indicates that the exchange of information takes place through a communication process. For this process the waya message is formed, sent, interpret and used is important. During the process, several filters and tender will provide soultions, what his needs are and what he intent to get. He shoud use all possible communication channels during a tender to clarify the tender and he should use other tools as theinfomation carrousel, the intentio, the concretization phase and the Marktvisie to improve the shared understandings. By taking an open, flexible and collaborative attitude the relataionship with the bidders becomes more collaborative than adversarial. In this waty uncertaities and equivocality can be reduced and submissions will be more suitable to the tender. Value - The conclusion of this research will improve the understanding of effective exchange of shared understandings and meaningful information during tenders. It gives possibillities to shift from undesirable to desired behaviour and will result in a more effective exchange during a tender.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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