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Sculpture to show life purpose quotes

Morsink, T.O. (2017) Sculpture to show life purpose quotes.

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Abstract:The project of the “life quote sculpture” was an idea from Clemens Mensink who founded Menperium. To get this idea to fruition he presented his idea to the study Creative Technology as a project that could be used as a bachelor assignment. This was approved and an assignment was drawn up. The assignment was to create a sculpture that displays quotes and was preferred to be kinetic. On top of designing and creating the sculpture, a literature review based on different elements that could be used for the sculpture needed to be carried out based on a research question concerning how the sculpture could be most effective in getting the quotes across to people. Stakeholders: There are two main stakeholders in this project. These stakeholders are introduced below. Menperium Menperium is a small company founded by Clemens Mensink. Its purpose is to get people to actively think about why they do things. What drives them. And in this way help people grow and get the best out of themselves. One of the ways they want to accomplish this is through this project of the quote sculpture. The main objective and concern of the client is a well-designed and working sculpture. Creative Technology: The bachelor creative technology, or CreaTe for short, is a study at the University of Twente. It focuses on the use of existing technologies in new and innovating ways. The study has a focus of prototyping and creating the designs one can come up with. It therefore was the perfect study to take on this assignment. As it is an academic study, CreaTe is also concerned about the way a design and prototype came to be and how the research question(s) are tested. The main objective of the study is to test if the student working on this project has taken the proper scientific steps to complete this assignment and is ready to finish the bachelor program. Motive: Over the last couple of years Menperium has gathered several hundreds of inspiring quotes. These quotes are meant to motivate people to think about the essence of a concept or product as well as the core values in one’s personal life. To bring these quotes to the attention of people, Menperium wants to create a (kinetic) sculpture that displays these quotes. This sculpture is meant to be placed in an entrance hall or a common gathering ground. In other words, a spacious place where a lot of people come and go every day. The challenges of this assignment are how to attract and guide the attention of people towards the quotes that are displayed and the design and implementation towards a finished product within the allotted time. Not only can this sculpture be used to help people think about their lives, which is more the focus of the quotes themselves and less that of the sculpture around it, the sculpture can also be used as a tool for testing what kind of behaviour attracts the attention of people. What can attract attention when people are not searching for it? What stands out? What doesn’t? By creating this sculpture tests concerning these questions can be done and might lead to new insights or support existing ideas. Objective: To grab people’s attention and draw it towards the quotes a design with these principles in mind must be made. The focus should naturally lead towards the screen with the quotes, but the sculpture as a whole must be interesting Research question: To reach the desired result the following research question was formulated. How can a sculpture guide the attention of people to a specific point where a quote is displayed? To answer this question several sub questions were formulated to support the main research question. These sub questions are: 1. How can colour affect the attention of people? 2. How can shapes affect the attention of people? 3. How can motion affect the attention of people?enough to make people want to take a closer look. This can be done by combing shapes, colours and motion into an appealing whole.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Menperium, The Netherlands
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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