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A picture says more than a thousand ingredients : creating authenticity in social media advertisements of De Heerlijke Huiskamer

Bokhove, Jorieke (2017) A picture says more than a thousand ingredients : creating authenticity in social media advertisements of De Heerlijke Huiskamer.

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Abstract:For restaurants it can be hard to bring in customers. Especially when they are isolated or physically remote and thus not in the sight of potential customers. Social media is the solution for this problem. The use of social media has many benefits. It creates direct communication, new information can be added any time and it attracts and creates a greater reach for potential customers. Especially Facebook upon which an own personal page can be created. A restaurant that is facing the problem of bringing customers in, is De Heerlijke Huiskamer in Bentelo, The Netherlands. It is a starting restaurant, which is located on the rural side and therefore guests do not just pass by. De Heerlijke Huiskamer wants to display itself as authentic, partly due to the use of their unique features. Many ingredients used for the dishes are achieved from own garden and all the dishes are handmade. An important menu for De Heerlijke Huiskamer is the menu of the month, which consists of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. This is a monthly recurring item and therefore this study focused on how to create authenticity in a social media advertisement of the menu of the month, of De Heerlijke Huiskamer. The menu of the month is promoted through an ingredients index of each dish. Recently, some pictures of the dishes are added. For potential consumers, who do not know the company, a story about the company can be useful in the decision process whether to come over to the restaurant or not. These three factors of the menu of the month were presented in a created social media advertisement and were manipulated by adding authentic cues. Together it created a 2 (storytelling authentic cues yes/no) x 2 (ingredients index authentic cues yes/no) x 2 (pictures authentic cues yes/no) between-subjects design for this research. Data was collected by means of an online questionnaire. There was expected that the all variables with authentic cues, together would lead to the highest perceived authenticity. Which would have a positive impact on the social media participation. However, the results have shown the most positive effect when authentic cues were only added to the ingredients index. By adding the authentic cues to the ingredients index the overall message is kept simple and easy to process for the consumer. The effect is counterproductive when authentic cues were added both, to the ingredients index and the story. For the pictures, there is found no effect on the perceived authenticity and the social media participation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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