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Developing and testing a higt-tech serious game "Tower of Infinitiy" for supply chain management

Schrooten, B.H.G. (2017) Developing and testing a higt-tech serious game "Tower of Infinitiy" for supply chain management.

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Abstract:The field of supply chain management in construction is lagging behind in regard to other fields, due to the unique characteristics that this field owns. As an attempt to create insight in this field, a serious board game called ‘Tower of Infinity’ has been developed using Triadic Game Design. However, a digital game might offer more possibilities than a traditional board game. A high tech version of ‘Tower of Infinity’ will be developed and tested, where the strong aspects of digital games will be optimized. Triadic Game Design and Agile Software Development have been used to develop the game, jMonkey has been used for programming the game, and the testing will be done in a workshop with multiple experts. Out of the game- and literature-analysis, it became clear which characteristics were already present in the low-tech version of “Tower of Infinity”, where the interface between design, production and construction has a significant priority. These aspects have been implemented into the first version of the high-tech game, where only one aspect was not possible to translate into the high-tech version due to its single-player restriction. Out of feedback-sessions, it became clear that the usability was deficient. In the final version of the game, this has been improved. The first high-tech version of “Tower of Infinity” has been used in a presentation during a knowledge-table, after which a questionnaire was handed out that questioned the attendees about the functionality of the game. The response from this questionnaire was mostly positive. From this, it can be said that the high-tech game has more possibilities to gain insight from: through playing the game, but also through a presentation as a discussion starter. This research hopes to add to the field of Civil Engineering by creating a high-tech game that possesses more possibilities than the low-tech game. Additionally, this research can also be used as a framework for translating a low-tech game into a high-tech version.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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