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A study on conversion and storage of sustainable energy using aquatic civil structures

Juffermans, E.E. (2017) A study on conversion and storage of sustainable energy using aquatic civil structures.

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Abstract:The objective of this research is to gain information on possibilities concerning conversion and storage techniques in aquatic civil structures. Specifically on those techniques that use water in (a part of) the process. Using the scientific method, conversion and storage techniques are investigated on several conditions to get an overview of plausible techniques to implement in aquatic discharge structures. The conditions consist of the impact of the technique on the water balance and function of the structure, the total cost of operation including the installation cost, maintenance cost and payback time and performance measured by the peak power and capacity. An hypothesis is formed based on the techniques that rated best in the criteria analysis: "Electrical energy can be converted and stored using hydro power and pumped hydro storage in existing structures that dispense super uous water". This is tested using two test locations with different discharge systems: Sluis Sambeek in the Meuse and the Waaiersluis in the Hollandsche IJssel. From these tests can be concluded that the research does not support the idea of profitable conversion or storage of energy in existing aquatic discharge structures due to strong constraints on the water balance. This does not mean a definitive no to hydro power in aquatic civil structures, but another approach should be wielded to make the possibilities more cost efficient. An example of such an approach could be a life cycle analysis on hydro power components.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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