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Effects of online reviews and waiting time on customers’ repurchase intention : beyond objective time measures

LEI, X. (2017) Effects of online reviews and waiting time on customers’ repurchase intention : beyond objective time measures.

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Abstract:With the development of online service, customers are willing to shop food online through apps or websites. To help service marketers increase the positive perception of online services, this study attempted to give a better understanding whether online reviews and waiting time would influence customers’ repurchase intention. This study proposed a 2 (Sources of reviews: owner vs. consumer) x 2 (promised waiting time in the review: long vs. short) x 2 (Objective waiting time: long vs. short) between-subject experimental design. The sources of reviews, promised waiting time and objective waiting time are all independent variables, while the dependent variable is customers’ repurchase intention. Based on the literature review, expected service quality, acceptable waiting time/waiting tolerance and satisfaction with the service were chosen to be mediators. In total, 208 subjects from the University of Twente participated in this study. The findings showed that sources of reviews and promised waiting time do not result in the expected relationship with expected service quality. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the promised waiting time significantly affects service responsiveness (the perception of the service in a timely manner). The short promised waiting time has a stronger effect on service responsiveness than long promised waiting time. Also, the promised waiting time has a significant impact on the acceptable waiting time. Long promised waiting time results in longer acceptable waiting time/ higher waiting tolerance than the short promised waiting time. Furthermore, the acceptable waiting time, as a critical point of reference, surpassing objective waiting time provokes strong effects on satisfaction with the service. And the study revealed that the short objective waiting time significantly drives higher service satisfaction and repurchase intention than long objective waiting time. Therefore, this study not only helps service marketers to understand the effectiveness of online reviews and waiting time on customers’ repurchase intention, but also guides future research to test the effectiveness of online reviews and waiting time in different situations and for more service categories. Keywords: online reviews, waiting time, service quality, satisfaction, repurchase intention
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies, 70 social sciences in general
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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