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Toekomstvisie N36

Koning, M. (2017) Toekomstvisie N36.

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Abstract:Traffic is of outmost importance worldwide. A safe traffic-network knows less accidents and less fatal victims. This vision for the N36 will contribute to a future scenario where the road has a high regard to safety and the traffic flows smoothly. To address the road safety, the design of the road is very important. As well as for the traffic-network as for specific roads there are guidelines to which should be lived up to. The main ideas behind this are: function, recognisability, mercifulness and the separation of traffic flows. In the case a road does not comply to these alterations have to be made. By visiting the N36 in real-life a list of looks and experiences could be drafted. By comparing these to the guidelines a list of inconsistencies arose that needed tackling. These problems were extended to the future and looked at their behaviour then. This was combined with upcoming regional developments that will have their influence on the N36. Based on this the biggest bottlenecks could be determined for the road. These are divided in local and range related problems. To not be limited by limitations a brainstorm with a broad variation of possibilities took place. They were tested on preventing accidents, costs and willingness of the people. The best choices are combined to form the foundation of a better N36. This translated in a road with a physical barrier across the whole length to prevent frontal crashes and crossing traffic. And in the southern part the N36 will be transformed to a 2*2 road to manage future intensities and maintain a good flow rate. Furthermore, the left over crossing traffic will be corrected and the connections to the underlying network will be altered.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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