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Developing and applying a conceptual framework to translate and embed 'the curriculum' into an existing e-health application

Oostewechel, T. (2018) Developing and applying a conceptual framework to translate and embed 'the curriculum' into an existing e-health application.

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Abstract:Delivering care to people with complex intensive support questions (CISN) is complicated. Both parents, relatives and professionals face complex challenges while providing care services to this group. Parents entangle in a web of bureaucracy, professionals are forced to do more tasks in less time, and the cooperation between formal and informal networks is not optimal. Recent digital developments attempt to make it easier to organise care around a person, family and other stakeholders. The Dutch government and patient federation assume that a personal health record (PHR) provides citizens with more insight, freedom, and control over their health. A PHR is an information platform, through which individuals can access, manage and share their health information, and that of others from whom they are authorised, in a private and secure environment. However, the concrete applications and their added value for people with CISN are still unknown. Jouw Omgeving, a developer of an e-health application, intends to use its online platform as PHR. However, as elaborated, there is still insufficient knowledge and insight into what is needed to facilitate this for persons with CISN. Thus, to acquire more insight into this group, contact was made with the Quality of Life Centre, developer and provider of services and products aimed at achieving a ‘good life’ for the target group. One of their products is a curriculum ‘Flourish and Stimulate’ which is a blueprint for delivering optimal care to persons with CISN. As a result of a meeting, the researcher drafted a research proposal to jointly collaborate on the development of a PHR for this specific target group. The proposal suggested that their curriculum, based on an evidence-based support program, should be translated into an e-health application and embedded in the existing platform of Jouw Omgeving. Both parties commissioned the execution of the proposal after chapter one provided insight into the consequences and strategic advantages for those directly involved. Hereafter, the report followed a four-part layout: an analysis of the Dutch healthcare landscape and the e-health domain, the design of a conceptual framework for the development of e-health applications, the application of this framework to the curriculum, and finally, to determine the conditions for embedding the curriculum in the platform of Jouw Omgeving.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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