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Smart solutions in water management : the case of regional Water Authority Vechtstromen

Siemes, R.W.A. (2017) Smart solutions in water management : the case of regional Water Authority Vechtstromen.

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Abstract:The effects of climate change introduce new issues for water management. More extreme periods of rain and longer periods of drought force them to discover new ways to optimize the water systems and their ability to buffer water. This optimization can be performed with innovative technologies which can aid and improve the current water systems. The goal of this research is to identify smart solutions which can aid in minimizing the effects of climate change for water management. The research question composed to achieve this goal is: Which smart solutions can be implemented or promoted by Vechtstromen to improve water management and minimalize the effects of climate change in the present and in the future? A distinction is made for solutions that will be implemented and promoted by Vechtstromen. The smart solutions that Vechtstromen will promote are mostly for the private sector. To answer this question two main methods have been used. 1) The construction of an inventory to identify smart solutions. This was performed by sending questionnaires to RWAs, companies and organizations and by researching databases. A total of 60 smart solutions were identified from these sources.2) A study of Vechtstromen by interviewing experts of different departments. These interview have revealed what the interest or problems of Vechtstromen are towards smart solutions. With the information and data obtained of both these methods a recommendation was created. This recommendation is based on smart solutions that are both relevant and viable for Vechtstromen. It was identified that most of these smart solutions were related to data collection, processing and modeling. Furthermore, smart solutions that improve communication and maintenance were of interest as well. Some of the identified smart solutions require citizen participation to function properly. For further research, the willingness of citizens to participate could be researched.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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