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Cycling in Vila Aliança : Research about the needs of the cyclists in Vila Aliança

Huisman, W.J. (2009) Cycling in Vila Aliança : Research about the needs of the cyclists in Vila Aliança.

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Abstract:In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one out of five inhabitants live in the slums, called favelas in Portuguese. These people live in under poor conditions and face a lot of violence. On the one hand from drugs cartels that have the power over the slums, on the other hand from the police raiding the slums to arrest gang members. The NGO IBISS (Instituto Brasileiro de Inovações em Saúde Social) is active in many of Rio’s favelas to support the inhabitants in the fields of healthcare, social inequality and human rights. Together with the Dutch NGO ICE (Interface for Cycling Expertise) students of the University of Twente already have done research about the use of the bicycle in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. In this research the focus was on the inhabitants of the favela Vila Aliança in the eastern part of Rio de Janeiro. Research has been done about the destinations of the cyclists, what the main routes are used by the cyclists and what the problems are that cyclists in Vila Aliança face. This because cycling could save the time and money on their daily trip to work. The research showed that the two train stations and surrounding shops are the main destinations in the research area. The routes people chose are the main streets, but most people use shortcuts through streets without car traffic for safety reasons. The main problems faced by cyclists in Vila Aliança are the high risk of theft and safety issues while on the road. For that reason it is important that near the Bangu train station investments are done in a guarded bicycle parking facility. To create more safety on the road bicycle lanes could create a designated place for cyclist on the road so that car drivers are more aware of the presence of cyclists. This would also create an important link to already existing networks of bicycle paths in the area.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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