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Gebruikerservaringen met "Houvast, voor elkaar" : een web-based zelfhulpcursus voor partners van mensen met kanker

Langeleh, J. (2018) Gebruikerservaringen met "Houvast, voor elkaar" : een web-based zelfhulpcursus voor partners van mensen met kanker.

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Abstract:Introduction: Psychological distress is not exclusive to cancer patients but occurs in the life of their partners as well. Nowadays partners have more responsibility concerning the care for the patient. As a result, care- takers often neglect their own well- being. To support the partners in this difficult time, the self- help intervention ‘Hold on for each other’ is designed. This intervention is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and self-compassion and strives to help the partners of cancer patients to regain time for themselves. To get more detailed information of the content and the design of the intervention, this research project was focused on the positive and negative experiences the users have made during the course. Method After completing the course, the participants filled in an online questionnaire about the experiences they have made with the online course. The data from 116 participants were used and analyzed by a qualitative content analysis. This was done by one researcher through several rounds in a inductive way. Results: In general the participants expressed more positive experiences about the content of the course – especially regarding communion, creating space for themselves, being more gentle towards themselves and living more mindfully. Also themes like acceptance of the own situation, feelings and thoughts, and personal feedback were experienced as very positive by the partners. However, the participants had differing opinions with respect to the mindfulness-exercises and contact with peers. The automatic feedback, the voice chosen to instruct the exercises and the disproportionate time necessary for the completion of the course, were evaluated less positively by the participants. Suggestions for improvement concerned the following topics: the possibility to complete the course within one’s own time, options to choose a different voice during instructions, more information about work-related elements, taking into account the different stages of the illness, personal contact with professionals and long-term usage of the course. Conclusion: In summary, the intervention can be evaluated as successful regarding the content, and helpful in supporting partners of cancer-patients. Especially elements, which were based on ACT and self-compassion appeared to be suitable for the partners in difficult times. With regard to the design some suggestions were made, taking personal contact and tailoring into account.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Unknown organization, Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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