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Vertical limits : The effects of Verticality Cues and a Quality claim on Consumer Responses to Coffee ad-displays

Rorink, J.M.H. (2018) Vertical limits : The effects of Verticality Cues and a Quality claim on Consumer Responses to Coffee ad-displays.

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Abstract:When in the shopping environment consumers are exposed to a considerable amount of marketing communication tactics, such as packaging design and ad-displays, assigned to influence consumers in the decision-making process. Brands face the question how to visualize luxury perceptions through packaging and advertising design. Nowadays, more than ever, consumers buy conspicuously and are getting more and more materialistic. However, there is a lack of research concerning the use of visuals to manipulate luxury impressions in relation to the level of consumer materialism. Inspired by theories of symbolic meaning portrayal and quality claim usage, this paper discusses the use of verticality perceptions and a quality claim as visual cues to affect luxury perceptions and consumer evaluations. The present research aims to test the influence of verticality perceptions (vertical vs. horizontal) and a quality claim (high quality claim vs. regular quality claim) on consumer responses as a function of their level of materialism. During a taste panel at a coffee café the use of verticality perceptions in an addisplay influenced a more positive taste experience, quality perception and purchase intention. However, there was no influence of consumer materialism noticeable. These findings add to current knowledge about symbolic meaning portrayal in ad-displays. Moreover, a high-quality claim has shown to affect a more positive quality perception. In addition, congruity between verticality perceptions and a quality claim influence a higher quality perception of the coffee among participants. The results of this study can contribute to future research and visual brand management.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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