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The designing process of a long distance steam transport system

Zuiderduin, Ewout R. (2018) The designing process of a long distance steam transport system.

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Abstract:The combustion of biomass has a large share in the production of sustainable energy. Kara Energy Systems takes part in this branch by designing biomass energy plants which are normally placed inside a construction. For a new project dry steam has to be transported over a distance of 120 meters outside. This change in conditions and the long distance require a different approach regarding expansion and construction. First the requirements of the project are listed. Then these requirements are elaborated upon with calculations. By examining several pipe diameters, based on velocity calculations and accompanying pressure drop and heat loss a pipe diameter is chosen. Using simulations, the mounting structures to the buildings are designed. The pipe support options are then investigated with the calculated expansion. Some necessary components are examined and the forces on the pipes and structures are calculated. Finally, a short comparison analysis is done to be able to choose the support structures. Using Finite Element Method analyses, dimensions for structural parts are found by setting a maximal displacement and stress. All components are put into an assembly which incorporates the requirements and the calculations. The result is a structural design which can be finalized and assembled on site.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
Keywords:Biomass, sustainable energy, dry steam, thermal expansion, pressure drop, heat loss, finite element, simulation, condensate removal, design
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