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The effects of opportunity to learn on students’ achievement: a meta-analysis

Lamain, Marloes (2018) The effects of opportunity to learn on students’ achievement: a meta-analysis.

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Abstract:Aligning the intended, implemented and attained curriculum can improve student achievement. This form of alignment is often seen as opportunity to learn (OTL). It is all about the opportunity the students get to learn the content, in accordance to the national standards, that will be tested. The relation between OTL and student achievement has been studied extensively, but it was not clear to with extent and under which conditions these are related. For this reason a meta-analyses about OTL was conducted by Scheerens et al. (2017). This thesis builds on this meta-analysis, by seeking an explanation for the modest proportion of statistically significant positive OTL effects that Scheerens et al. (2017) found. First, the definition of OTL was narrowed to one aspect of OTL: content coverage. However, this only caused a minimal improvement in the proportion of significantly positive effects. Second, the influence of study characteristics was examined by multiple chi-square tests. Again, without a clear result. Only the study characteristic ‘subject’ showed a significant association, but in the opposite direction than expected: effects in studies with mathematics as variable are less likely to be significantly positive than effects in studies with other subjects as variable. As a result of this study it can be concluded that both, a narrower definition of OTL, as well as, the influence of study characteristics, gave no explicit explanation for the modest proportion of significantly positive OTL effects in Scheerens et al. (2017).
Item Type:Essay (Master)
1991, Nederland
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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