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Het meten van het effect van Talk ’n Joy: de ontwikkeling van een veerkrachtvragenlijst.

Schonewille, L (2018) Het meten van het effect van Talk ’n Joy: de ontwikkeling van een veerkrachtvragenlijst.

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Abstract:Resilience is an important protective factor in the development of substance disorder under children of addicted parents. The aim of this study was to development a resilience measurement tool to measure the effect of the intervention Talk ‘n Joy created and conducted by ‘Tactus Verslavingszorg’. After a literature-search assorted resilience questionnaires were found. Based on the psychometric qualities and the characteristics of the test, the Child Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM) was chosen. Following a translation to Dutch, professionals that were involved in Talk ‘n Joy were interviewed about the questionnaire and about conditions for conducting the CYRM-26 and -28. Feedback was given and suggestions were made by the professionals. The CYRM-26 and -28 were further adapted on mostly lay-out and formulation of items, before a pilot was conducted. The pilot study was administered by eight participants that were engaged in Talk ‘n Joy. The participants filled out the CYRM-26 or -28, while thinking aloud. After filling out the CYRM the participants answered a few questions about their opinion on the questionnaire asked by the researcher. The participants experienced several difficulties with the items on the questionnaire. However most participant judged the CYRM as ‘good’ and ‘it didn’t take too long to fill in, which was good’. Subsequently, the feedback and answers of the participants was processed in a way that final adaptations in the formulation of items could be made. With a few annotations the CYRM-26 and -28 are suitable for use within Talk ‘n Joy.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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