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Regulatory interaction and the adoption of regulatory roles in teams at the workplace.

Ydo, E.J. (2018) Regulatory interaction and the adoption of regulatory roles in teams at the workplace.

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Abstract:Individuals take on different regulatory roles and have different ways of interacting with each other. These different roles and interaction types will influence the quality of social-regulation in teams. Research about the social-regulation and roles at the workplace setting is scarce but important, because society is constantly and rapidly changing. Individuals need to regulate their behaviour to get good performances, as is desired by this society. This study explored different regulatory interaction types and different regulatory roles that individuals take on at a workplace context, and how these roles and interaction types interact with each other. Video-observations of retrospective team meetings from the software development sector were used to analyse these different regulatory roles and interactions. Next, a coding scheme was developed for the workplace setting. Noticeable results were that there was a significant interaction between the roles and the interaction types. Some roles and interactions were dysfunctional for the quality of social-regulation of the team. Engaged and accepted interaction types occurred the most and seemed to have a relation with roles which were known to cause a high-quality of social regulation in a team. Although more research is needed, the findings of this present study could give an indication on how a team with a high-quality social regulation should interact and which roles should be adopted.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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