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Supersonic expansion of liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide

Raghunatha Reddy, V. (2018) Supersonic expansion of liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide.

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Abstract:Differ is involved in fundamental research on energy transition from fossil fuels. The climatic changes due to greenhouse gases from fossil fuels have increased the demand for sustainable energy sources. In the solar fuel division, work related to carbon dioxide neutrality is investigated. The Plasma Solar Fuel Devices group investigates and develops reactors which convert CO2 to solar fuel to complete the neutrality cycle. Thus various techniques and methods are researched involved in capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reusing it, therefore forming a carbon dioxide neutral cycle. As research on carbon dioxide is being developed, it’s implementations in various diverse fields is being explored. The industrial application of using liquid carbon dioxide jet for cleaning is a well-known and applied process because of the unique property of carbon dioxide which exists in solid-gas phase. This jet can go to low temperature of about -730C hence it can be used for cooling purposes in devices. This property of the jet is investigated in this study. The flow of liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide via small diameter nozzle is studied in atmospheric and vacuum operating conditions. Experiments are conducted to characterize the flow from the nozzle by obtaining parameters like pressure, temperature and mass flow rate. The effect of dry ice formation and supersonic expansion stability in each operating condition is studied. Along with the experiment, simulations are also done using the ANSYS fluent software, these simulations are used to verify the assumption and previously performed similar experiments. The simulation results are compared with the nozzle results obtained from this study as well. Mathematical modeling is done to calculate the cooling power of the system.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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