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Realization and characterization of a resistive readout for a micro Coriolis mass flow sensor

Zhang, Xiang (2018) Realization and characterization of a resistive readout for a micro Coriolis mass flow sensor.

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Abstract:Integrated microfluidic systems are currently playing an important role in many fields such as chemistry, medication, automation, etc. In these applications, the mass flow sensor is one of the critical components to determine the amount of fluid that travels from one place to another. In this thesis, a new type of Coriolis mass flow sensors with resistive readout is investigated. The Coriolis mass flow sensor is operated by Coriolis force which is independent of temperature and the fluid properties. The Coriolis force could be used to indirectly measure the mass flow. Thus, the mass flow rate can be adequately measured by using this type of sensor. The research in this thesis is based on a novel Coriolis mass flow sensor design. In previous research, a micro Coriolis mass flow sensor using the capacitive readout has already been fabricated and characterized. The sensor basically has two types of vibrations namely twist mode and swing mode respectively. In order to investigate if there are some other approaches to detect and read out the variations of the signal, an alternative way using the resistive readout will be explored. Two types of Wheatstone bridge configurations are considered to be used to measure this resistance change. During the measurements in this thesis, the half bridge(voltage divider) is used to measure the change of the resistance. The measurements are done in twist mode and swing mode individually. As a result, the measurements in both modes show that the output signal can be clearly detected using the resistive readout method. Furthermore, two different measurements are compared to investigate which one is more sensitive. In addition, the average strain is calculated to see if it corresponds to what is expected. Finally, some improvements and potential future research topics are recommended.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:53 electrotechnology
Programme:Electrical Engineering BSc (56953)
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