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De rol van reflectie bij het ervaren van welbevinden, floreren en positieve relaties na het doen van Acts of Kindness

Stob, A. (2018) De rol van reflectie bij het ervaren van welbevinden, floreren en positieve relaties na het doen van Acts of Kindness.

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Abstract:Acts of Kindness is an intervention based on positive psychology in which someone is stimulated to perform Acts of Kindness towards others. Although in the Netherlands hardly any research has been done into the effectiveness of Acts of Kindness, and the possible reinforcing role of reflections within positive psychological interventions. For this reason is the goal of the current research to examine the effect of a six-week Act of Kindness intervention on well-being, flourishing, positive relationships, and the role of reflection on this relationship. The participants (123) were randomly divided into two conditions Acts of Kindness with reflection (n = 66) and Acts of Kindness without reflection (n = 57). Once a week, participants received the task to carry out five Acts of Kindness towards others for a duration of six weeks. Afterwards, participants in the condition Act of Kindness with reflection had to carry out an extra task, namely reflecting on their acts. Well-being, flourishing and positive relationships were measured by an online survey at the start of the intervention, directly after the intervention and six weeks after finishing the intervention.The current research has shown that well-being and flourishing are significantly improved by the use of Acts of Kindness, and these effects remain consistent until the follow-up. Meanwhile there are no significant effects found concerning positive relationships. Furthermore, no differences were found between the two conditions during or after the intervention with regard to well-being, flourishing and positive relationships. It is recommended to further investigate reflection by giving it a more prominent role in the intervention, and to set several requirements for these reflections (e.g., the reflection spiral of Korthagen). Another recommendation is to increase the adherence and to decrease the drop-outs by increasing the frequency of compliments to the user during the intervention.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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