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The European Union’s balancing between security objectives and data protection : the case of Passenger Name Record data

Middelstorb, M. (2018) The European Union’s balancing between security objectives and data protection : the case of Passenger Name Record data.

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Abstract:Facing confrontation with a new dimension of security threats resulting from the rise of terrorism and serious organized crime, police and security authorities aspire to intensify international cooperation. Adjusted collaboration practices involve enhanced exchange of data across borders, which is a practice causing legal concerns regarding data accessibility and protection. This research aims to investigate the consistency between external data transfers for the purpose of fighting terrorism and serious crime and data protection obligations stated in the European legal framework. Since arising discrepancies between internal and external data safeguards are theoretically possible when data is proceeded to third countries, the research further intends to draw conclusions on how the European Union balances these against the pursuit of strategic security objectives. In other words, the European relationship between security targets on the one hand and data protection obligations on the other shall be outlined. Accordingly, the main research question studies the extent to which European data protection standards enable information exchange in the fight against terrorism and serious crime whilst safeguarding personal data of European citizens. Grounded within legal research, the study is composed of a qualitative, conceptual research design, that follows explanatory, hermeneutic but also evaluative approaches. It is based on a case study design stressing controversial transfers of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data. To enter the PNR case and to answer the research question, information is retrieved from contemporary policy and regulatory frameworks, in case law and literary analysis by legal researchers.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:86 law
Programme:Management Society and Technology BSc (56654)
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