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Lead-time reduction through modularisation & systems engineering in Dutch military basecamp design

Boonen, T. (2018) Lead-time reduction through modularisation & systems engineering in Dutch military basecamp design.

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Abstract:Basecamps can be traced back all the way to the Romans, who were the first to build military basecamps called “Castra”, these were built between the first and the third century AD. It is interesting to see that the functions needed back then are currently still pretty much the same. After the cold war, armies around the world have changed their focus from protection of national and allied territory to deployed missions around the globe focused on enforcing the international rule of law. For the Dutch Armed Forces this meant doing missions abroad to Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90’s followed by missions to Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali etc. Over the course of time the Engineers of the Dutch Armed Forces further professionalised, and in the year 2000 the Engineer Workforce was created. This unit is responsible for the design of all Dutch Deployed Force Infrastructure. The research problem presented in the conceptual research design is: The Engineer Workforce is not able to meet the tight deadlines imposed by politics on the realisation of new basecamps. This problem was acknowledged by the Engineer Workforce. Therefore, to be better prepared for new assignments and to reduce lead-time in basecamp realisation, the Commander of the Engineer Workforce started a program called Standardised Modules. Which focusses on creating standard solutions for functions which are often needed in basecamps. This research is aimed at supporting this program by introducing the design principles from modularisation and systems engineering which are related to lead-time reduction, to the basecamp design process.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Construction Management and Engineering MSc (60337)
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