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The aerodynamic design of RED Shift : Solar Team Twente’s 7th solar car

Evertzen, Luc (2018) The aerodynamic design of RED Shift : Solar Team Twente’s 7th solar car.

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Abstract:This report describes the aerodynamic development of Solar Team Twente’s 7th solar car, RED shift. It encompasses all design phases of the solar car and includes conceptual design, computer aided design & computational fluid dynamics, windtunnel tests and various banked road tests. For the 2017 edition the solar array area was reduced to 4 m2 from 6 m2 and a number of stricter safety regulations were added concerning the driver’s occupant space. The previous team also had various recommendations regarding aerodynamic improvements to the car. This concerned the boundary layer diverters of the wheel fairings, the canopy design, the track width and wheel base, wheel casing improvements and various other aspects of the design of the car. The main recommendation to the 2018 team is to spend more time on the conceptual design. Trends should be identified in order to arrive at a more global optimum. A new trade off study should be performed regarding the solar arrays and a more detailed analysis of track width/wheel base configurations and wheel fairing positioning should be performed. For the theoretical design, an analysis of rotating wheels will be of great importance to key aerodynamic features of the solar car. Building an isolated testsetup for the windtunnel which can validate these theoretical analyses will also be key. Improvements can also be made to the banked road tests, both the velocity correction necessary due to the presence of wind and the final fitting of the data to obtain the correct CdA should be considered.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:aerodynamics, cfd, cad, windtunnel, banked road, solar car, solar team twente
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