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The role of communication variables in promoting a pro-environmental behavior : a study to better communicate "anti-consumption" behaviour

Fittavolini, J. (2018) The role of communication variables in promoting a pro-environmental behavior : a study to better communicate "anti-consumption" behaviour.

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Abstract:The aim of this study is to understand how to better communicate anti-consumption behaviour. Anti-consumption has an integral role and in particular, the acts of rejecting, reducing and reusing products, resources, and services are essential elements to sustainable consumption. Therefore, especially nowadays, understanding how to promote this behaviour is an important topic to consider. To achieve this goal, three communication variables (message framing, message appeal, and label of the behaviour) are studied. Moreover, the role of people’s pre-existing environmental concerns is analysed and considered as a possible moderator of the relationship between independent and dependent variables. To achieve the research goal, a 2x2x2 between-subjects experimental design (N=221) is used. As stimulus material eight different texts are created accordingly to the different combinations of independent variables. The data is collected by using an online questionnaire where participants are asked to read the text and give their opinion on different questions measuring the dependent variables of the study. The results have shown that not every communication variable had significant effects when communicating anti-consumption behaviour. However, it has been demonstrated how the use of a certain message appeal, or the combination of specific communication variables lead to specific outcomes while communicating anti-consumption behaviour. For example, it was found that the use of rational messages, as well as the combination of message appeal and label of the behaviour, has significant effects on behavioural intention. Moreover, it was interesting to find how different levels in people’s environmental concerns (especially moderate and high levels) moderate the relationships between communication variables and for example, attitude towards the behaviour and behavioural intention.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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