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The effects of color scheme and brand slogan on the perception of brand personality and brand attitude : a study of the change on CVI elements in the rebranding process of Hansa

Geißler, J.L. (2018) The effects of color scheme and brand slogan on the perception of brand personality and brand attitude : a study of the change on CVI elements in the rebranding process of Hansa.

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Abstract:The technological progress in the last years led to a deep integration of audio-visual devices, such as smartphones, into our everyday life. Consequently, visual stimuli are omnipresent and play a crucial role in nowadays society. This development towards a visual orientation of society forces brands to rethink and reinforce their visual appearance. Furthermore, brands need to stand out in emerging markets and therefore their Corporate Visual Identity (CVI), as a key part of the visual appearance, needs to be further developed. This study researches the effects of such a modification in the CVI and focusses especially on the rebranding case of the convenience food brand hansa, which is a bulk customer brand in the sector of deep-frozen products, and functions as the practical setting of the study. More specifically, the aim of the study is to examine the relative influence of the CVI elements slogan wording, the color scheme, their interaction effect and more precisely the element congruence on the attitudes towards the brand and the perception of brand personality. In order to examine these effects this research applies a 2 (color: bright vs dark colors) x 2 (slo-gan: exciting vs competent slogan) in between subject factorial design and was conducted through an online questionnaire using the survey software Qualtrics, which was spread via social media in order to gain a sufficient and diverse participant sample. The main findings of the current study indicate a significant effect of color on the perceived brand personality. Furthermore, the congruency of the underlying semantic meaning of color scheme and brand slogan was found to affect the evaluation of the brand. Moreover, it was shown that the visual and verbal elements of the CVI influence the evaluation of the CVI differ-ently. At the same time, the attitude towards the CVI had a significant effect on the evaluation of the brand. Overall, these results provide an important contribution to elaborating previous research on the influence of CVI elements on brand associations and furthermore create a foundation for future research in this field. Moreover, the study outcomes offer a first guideline for selecting and changing CVI elements based on their congruence and on their effect on the brand personality and attitude, leading to better predictable and more successful rebranding effects. The study results emphasize the importance for companies to investigate their efforts when changing CVI elements in order to influence consumers’ brand associations.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
apetito convenience gmbh & co. kg, Hilter am teutoburger wald, Germany
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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