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Exploring elementary school teachers’ professional information technology (IT) identity

Eidhof, S. A. (2018) Exploring elementary school teachers’ professional information technology (IT) identity.

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Abstract:This current study focusses on the concept of information technology (IT) identity as proposed by Carter and Grover (2015). IT identity is a rather new concept and the original model of Carter and Grover (2015) has not been tested. Therefore, the description as well as the proposed measurement of this concept was elaborated upon. Elementary school teachers were used as a context to measure the IT identity, because the role of technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, it is important for teachers to integrate technology in their teaching as best as possible. An online survey was distributed among elementary school teachers (N = 152). Different independent variables were used to measure the IT identity, that consists of the factors dependence, relatedness, and emotional energy. The independent variables are: Self-efficacy, actualized rewards, functionality, support, IT dynamism, and obligation. The results in the correlation and multiple linear regression analyses revealed that self-efficacy, functionality, support, actualized rewards, and obligation have a positive relationship with IT identity. IT dynamism does not have a relationship with IT identity. From a theoretical point of view, this study fills the literature gap regarding IT identity by implementing different independent variables and by using the context of elementary school teachers. From a practical point of view, this study provides insights for teachers and their supervisors in identifying a possible reason why teachers are not fully embracing technology. While the IT identity model is not tested enough, this study does give some insights in which factors are influencing the IT identity of elementary school teachers. However, future research is needed into how to measure the concept of IT identity in different contexts and the usability of the original model in general.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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