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Ervaringen en suggesties van mensen met een chronische ziekte op materialen uit de interventie “Sterker in je kracht”

Bugge, J.S. (2018) Ervaringen en suggesties van mensen met een chronische ziekte op materialen uit de interventie “Sterker in je kracht”.

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Abstract:The past decades there has been a shift within the field of psychology towards also using positive psychology, which uses a strength-based approach next to the classical pathological view. The strength-based approach is based on the assumption that the individual can use their own strengths to improve themselves and to better their quality of life using self-management, in this self-efficacy plays a big role. Patients who suffer from chronic illness can have many burdens as a result from this which restrict their quality of life. Research shows that self-management can achieve positive effects for this group. Currently research is being done towards implementing a strength-based intervention within the general medical practice, by researchers from the University of Twente. As part of this research, usability-testing was done to explore if there are improvements to be made to the materials of the intervention. The purpose of this thesis is to explore the opinions of people with chronic illnesses with regards to the worksheets of the ‘krachtbewust’ part of the stepped care approach: “Sterker in je kracht” and its usability. The usability-testing method ‘cognitive walkthrough’ was used by taking interviews from ten participants who all suffered from chronic illness. The interviews were recorded on audio, transcribed and coded for analyzing. The results showed that the participants in general found the worksheets easy to read and orderly. They also found the worksheets reasonably clear to understand with the biggest point of improvement being a need for longer explanations on the top of some of the worksheets. This point however would probably not turn out to be necessary in practice since a General-practice-based nurse specialists would guide the user in the actual intervention, providing regular directions when using the worksheets. Further points of improvements were to make sure the questions will not be too long or too complicated and to not request too many strengths from the users considering their personal context due to their chronic illness. This thesis has brought forth a couple points of improvement for the stepped care approach “Sterker in je kracht” and has also shown that for the most part, the worksheets were seen as orderly and understandable enough with minor improvements to make. The recommendations that come with this are to put emphasis on extensive elaborations by the guiding specialist during the intervention, to make sure that questions are not made too long or complicated and lastly to not ask too many strengths from the participants with the personal context of the chronically ill patients in mind. With this taken in consideration the “krachtbewust” part of the intervention could be put to good use with the target group of patients who suffer from chronic illness.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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