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Smart Moments

Ok, Sun (2018) Smart Moments.

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Abstract:In our daily life, there are brief periods of time that are triggered by different physical, physiological and mental responses. Some of these brief periods are memorable and carry importance for each individual. They can be defined as a special or personal moment and differ from person to person, which means every individual has a different way of experiencing the world and communicating differently. At the University of Twente, the Telemedicine Group focuses on researching, designing and testing novel smart technologies for remote monitoring, analysis and coaching of people in both clinical and daily life settings. The purpose of the SmartMoments project is to create a mobile application that allows tagging these special moments as well as passively monitoring the diverse sensor data potentially describing the physical, physiological and mental behaviour of the individual. The purpose behind this project is to research how smartphones can be used to tag these special moments in an individual’s life. In order to answer this question five sub questions will be investigated. These sub questions focus on the following; how they feel about tagging special moments, what they think about sharing personal information, passively being monitored by the smartphone sensors and how they perceive the overall information about their special moments provided by the application as well as the human factors that affect the participaction of the users in SmartMoments. The significance of this research project is to create a tool that enables tagging of these special moments. This project can further be used by the Telemedicine Group in order to analyze the collected moment data, and help clearly define what a special moment is, what are the physical, physiological and mental factors that affect it and whether there are common factors between different individuals. Understanding this significance can help to improve communication amongst each other. After the application has been developed a semi structured interview as well as system usability scoring is conducted. The interview and system usability scoring results show that the final product is usable and the users feel comfortable sharing personal information through the SmartMoments app. However there is room for improvement; such as improving the system usability score, improving interactivity and looking into more moment types besides visual moments and textual moments.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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