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Guiding the neurosurgeon in resective epilepsy surgery

Groothuysen, Daniel (2019) Guiding the neurosurgeon in resective epilepsy surgery.

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Abstract:Surgical treatment of focal epilepsy sometimes necessitates localization of the epileptigenic tissue by way of invasive electrocorticography (EcoG) measurements to measure the seizure onset zone and spiking activity. This thesis focuses on two points of improvement within the surgical workflow, the first being network analysis (Chapter 2) and the second being image registration (Chapter 3). In Chapter 2, the use of network analysis of the EcoG data is explored to improve localization of the epileptogenic zone. For two patients with chronic multiday ECoG recordings, 10 epochs of two seconds were selected in interictal sleep state, and the Directed Transfer Function and subsequent network measures (out-strength, Betweenness Centrality and PageRank Centrality) for a multitude of frequency bands was measured. The most important findings were a significantly higher PageRank and out-strength in one patient in the resected area. In Chapter 3, a manual and semi-automatic way of image overlapping by three clinicians and 5 non-clinicians was compared. No significant increase in accuracy was found when using the semi-automatic registration, but a significant decrease in time spent was found (mean of 132 seconds vs 321 seconds), making this method superior to an automatic approach.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Technical Medicine MSc (60033)
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