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Do You Want to Watch That Movie? : Experimental Study on the Effects of Music of Movie Trailers

Suliza, Raggil (2019) Do You Want to Watch That Movie? : Experimental Study on the Effects of Music of Movie Trailers.

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Abstract:Movie industry is a serious business as the profits from movie sales can reach billions of dollars each year. The most effective element media campaign for a movie is a movie trailer. As advertisement tools for movies, the purpose of movie trailers is to attract moviegoers and other viewers. Music is one of the elements in movie trailers that has not received much attention from researchers. Prior research shows that music can make advertisements more memorable and shape a viewer's response to the ad. This study experimentally explores the impact of two characteristics of music—familiarity and congruency—on people’s trailer evaluation and their intention to watch the movies. Music congruency is the perceived suitability of the music for the movie trailer. Music familiarity is the extent to which viewers think they know the music or have heard it before. In movie trailers, music congruency can support the viewers’ information processing, while familiarity may draw the attention to the movie trailer. In three movie trailers from different genres, music congruency and music familiarity were manipulated. Music likeability and genre preference were used as covariates. The results showed that trailer evaluation has a strong relationship with watching intention. Furthermore, music congruency has positive effects on people’s evaluation of movie trailers and their intention to watch the movie, while music familiarity does not have such effect. This leads to the conclusion that music can influence the response towards movie trailer. The study found that music congruency has a greater impact than music familiarity towards the movie trailers. Keywords: advertising, movie trailers, music congruency, music familiarity
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies, 24 dramaturgy, musicology
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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