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Toward sustainable bioeconomy: Assessment and feasibility of biofuel production from food waste in the Netherlands

Rasouli, A. (2018) Toward sustainable bioeconomy: Assessment and feasibility of biofuel production from food waste in the Netherlands.

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Abstract:The Netherlands on one hand has a high amount of food waste per capita and on the other hand the country is low on land and forestry resources. Thus considering high dependency of Netherlands on fossil fuels, especially natural gas, conversion of food waste to biofuel provides an opportunity to tackle food waste issue as well as achieving bioeconomy targets. In this manner, part of the biomass needed to achieve the mentioned target for bioenergy production could be supplied by biofuels produced from food waste. However production of biofuel from food waste is complex due to technological difficulties and costs. The aim of this research is to study to what extent is it feasible and practical to convert food waste to biofuel according to Dutch targets and ambitions for sustainable bioeconomy. So that, the existing research estimates the capacity of biofuel production from unavoidable food waste in the Netherlands regarding to existing data and information on food waste and technology. Further it discusses the policies to facilitate production and consumption of food waste based biofuels. According to the results a potential of maximum 5.74 PJ bioenergy production using hydrochar is possible from unavoidable food waste of Dutch household. While the costs for developing the technology to achieve this capacity is a critical point, reviewing policies revealed that having specific policies such as bio waste separation in household contributes to moderate the costs of biofuel production from food waste.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:43 environmental science
Programme:Environmental and Energy Management MSc (69319)
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