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A redesigned system onboarding strategy for SMART freight matching

Hammink, T.G. (2019) A redesigned system onboarding strategy for SMART freight matching.

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Abstract:The research problem that is handled in this report is how a reduction of onboarding costs and onboarding throughput time could be realized. Therefore, a redesigned onboarding process is proposed and validated with a digital prototype. The research focuses on the reduction of contact moments between eMagiz services and the involved parties for the collection of necessary information during the onboarding process. Research motivation The company described as CargoMatcher in this research is a partner of eMagiz Services. The company is an online matching platform for Smart Freight Matching (SFM) between carriers and shippers. For shippers, there are two different options of how the order entry is done. The first is manual via their online platform, where orders are put in by hand. The second is via a system integration, where orders are put in the CargoMatcher platform directly from the shipper’s own system. For carriers, there are two different options for order handling. Manual entry in CargoMatcher’s platform or via a system integration. On the longer term, the system integrations are the best option for both parties. eMagiz services conduct these system integrations with the use of the eMagiz integration platform. CargoMatcher requests a lot of small and repetitive integrations. This results in multiple running projects. These are projects with a relatively low level of technical difficulty, but with a high expected onboarding throughput time. This long onboarding throughput time is mostly caused by the waiting time between the multiple contact moments. From an eMagiz services perspective, it is hard to reduce the waiting time between the contact moments, because they are dependent on the readiness of the parties involved. Nevertheless, it is feasible to reduce the number of contact moments, because the contact moments are mostly requested by eMagiz services. This results in the following research question: “How to reduce the expected throughput time for the onboarding process, by altering the onboarding strategy with the use of standard market connectors in a tenant onboarding tool?”
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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