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Governance Assessment of the Wastewater Reuse Policies and Practices in Palestine : The Cases of Jenin and Nablus

Wawi, A. (2017) Governance Assessment of the Wastewater Reuse Policies and Practices in Palestine : The Cases of Jenin and Nablus.

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Abstract:Palestine, like most countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), suffers from scarce water resources. However, water scarcity in Palestine is a very complex problem, since it results from not only the unavailability of water, but also the control of Israel on the Palestinian water resources. The problem is becoming even more alarming with population growth, which further increases the water. Therefore, nonconventional resources are explored to augment the water supply. One of such nonconventional water resources is treated wastewater, which is used for irrigating crops and trees, but not for domestic purposes. However, reusing the treated wastewater is not widespread even with building new wastewater treatment plants, mainly due to barriers created by policies and practices, such as financial barriers, and insufficient standards and regulations. This research investigated the implementation of policies regarding wastewater treatment and reuse in Palestine. Particularly, two main wastewater treatment plants in the West Bank were studied in terms of the design and implementation of wastewater reuse projects. Additionally, the governance assessment tool was applied to assess the supportiveness of the governance dimensions (actors; problem perceptions and goal ambitions; strategies and instruments; responsibilities and resources) using the four qualities (extent, coherence, flexibility and intensity). The assessment results were used to make recommendations for improving the wastewater reuse policies and practices in Palestine. The results show that the most supportive dimension, or the least in need of improvement is the actors, were the strategies and instruments was the most restrictive dimension. specifically, because of the complex political status, absence of guidelines for reusing the treated wastewater and disability to legalize the laws due to nonfunctioning Legislative Council in Palestine. The main recommendations are to issue a guideline about reusing the treated wastewater, and to enact and enforce the necessary legal instruments.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:43 environmental science
Programme:Environmental and Energy Management MSc (69319)
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